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Arts students dancing in a studio space

The Arts Division provides conservatory-level training in the performing and visual arts, grounded in scholarship and critical thinking that are at the core of an Arts & Sciences education.

Our Majors

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Why Study the Arts?

Our students and faculty seek knowledge and meaning through artistic experience. They embrace experimentation and provide opportunities for undergraduates to participate in transformative research. Our students prepare for a wide range of careers — in the arts and beyond — that value innovation, creativity, and teamwork.

Grecia Leal Pardo

UW senior, Drama and Classics major

"Drama has given me the opportunity to create, and explore, and share--stories, ideas, emotions, and pieces of our humanity. There are many things I love about the major, including how Drama is simultaneously an embodied process and an ephemeral moment, and how it’s always collaborative."

Grecia Leal Pardo

Addison Francis

BA, Music, Speech & Hearing Sciences, 2017

“Most schools don’t have both a speech and hearing department and an auditioned music program. Here there is a lot of interaction between the two. For me, that’s what has been so great about studying at the University of Washington.”

Addison Francis

Kyki Li

BA, Dance, Anthropology, 2018

The Dance Department doesn’t teach dance just as technique, but rather as a way of viewing and interacting in the world. Dance becomes a way to connect with people, to learn about a culture, and that is just very inspiring for me.”

Kyki Li in dance studio