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Cool Courses for Summer 2020

April 2020
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As you think about summer quarter course registration, check out these unique Arts & Sciences offerings. They’re open to all students, have no prerequisites, and fulfill Areas of Knowledge requirements as noted.


AES 150: In-Justice for All: Intersection of Race, Ethnicity, Class, and Gender in the United States
Covering the pre-Columbus era to 1970, this course will look at how race, ethnicity, nationality, class, and gender impact all Americans -- especially those viewed as racial ethnic minorities.
Connie So (American Ethnic Studies)
A term, 5 credits, DIV, I&S


small handmade book

ART 245A: Handmade Book Arts
(listed as Concepts in Printmaking)
Focus on creating handmade artist books in your own home or studio. You’ll learn about accordion fold, stab binding, and signature stitching, and investigate the relationship of text, image, and structure.
Claire Cowie (Art)
A term, 5 credits, VLPA


JAPAN 325A: Introduction to Japanese Cinema
This course will introduce Japanese films within their social and historical contexts. No Japanese language ability is required.            
Ted Mack (Asian Languages & Literature)
A term, 5 credits, VLPA


detail from an 8th century Qur'an

NEAR E 231/RELIG 212: Introduction to the Qur'an
This introduction to the Qur'an will look at the circumstances of its compilation, its connections to and departures from other religious works, and its impact on political and religious thought.
Terri de Young (Near Eastern Languages & Civilization)
Full term, 5 credits, I&S, VLPA


HSTCMP 249/ POL S 249/SOC 266: Introduction to Labor Studies  
Why do you have to work for a living? Why is our sense of value connected to the work we do? Answer these questions and more through the historical and conceptual study of labor.
Larry Cushnie (Political Science) 
B term, 5 credits, I&S


Picasso paintng

ART H 309A: Picasso
The Spanish artist Pablo Picasso is widely seen as the greatest artist of the 20th century. Learn about the prolific career of one of the great innovators of modern art.
Marek Wieczorek
Full term, 5 credits, VLPA


DANCE 286: Street and Club Dances
Learn one or more Street Style dances such as Breaking, Popping, Strutting, Tutting, Locking, or Club styles like Hip Hop party moves, House, Vogue, and Waacking.
"Majinn" Michael O'Neal Jr
Full term, 3 credits, VLPA


CHID 250A: Writing in Public in the Context of Trumpism
(Listed as Introduction to the History of Ideas)
This course will focus on publicly-engaged writing for multiple audiences and purposes. The ultimate aim? To better write our way to social change.
Annie Dwyer (CHID)
Full term, 5 credits, I&S


HSTAM 302: Ancient Roman History
This course introduces students to the history of the Roman world from its foundations as a small hut village to the development of its empire through the reign of Constantine.
Mira Green (History)
Full term, 5 credits, I&S


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