• Adventures in Cybersecurity

    Students in the Jackson School of International Studies delve into cybersecurity policy and its societal implications. 

    November 2021 Perspectives
  • Launching a Humanities Journey

    Humanities First, a new program for first year students, celebrates the humanities and their role in society.  

    September 2021 Perspectives
  • Unlearning Poverty

    In the Honors course "Abolishing Poverty," students untangle the interwoven complexities that lead to impoverishment.

    July 2021 Perspectives
  • Tracking Your Life

    A new sociology course explores self-tracking technology that captures our daily routines.

    July 2021 Perspectives
  • Digging into the Roots of Rap

    A new course explores rap music and its musical influences, with guest musicians and creative assignments.

    May 2021 Perspectives
  • Cool Courses for Autumn 2021

    It's time to think about autumn quarter! Check out these cool Arts & Sciences courses to be offered this fall.

  • Creating Community on TikTok

    UW senior Hunter Brown has  275,000 TikTok followers. A UW Communication course helped him build his online community. 

    April 2021 Perspectives
  • Out in the Elements, for Art

    Students in "Introduction to 3D4M" had the option to take the fall quarter course in person. One catch: it was held entirely outside.

    February 2021 Perspectives
  • Cinema and media studies: Where the passionate become professional

    The humanities’ newest major, cinema and media studies (CMS), allows students to explore different modes of expression and their effects on a world increasingly dominated by mass media. “This new major should be especially relevant to incoming students,” department chair Eric Ames said. 

    The Daily
  • The Language of the Land

    Lecturer of American Indian Studies Tami Hohn and her students Victor Andy and Shelby Cross discuss their experiences teaching and learning Southern Lushootseed.

    University of Washington
  • 2020: The Course

    Watch lectures online from the new interdisciplinary class "2020: The Course."

    Undergraduate Academic Affairs
  • Voting by the Numbers

    Think voting is simple? A new course co-taught by statistics and philosophy faculty explores the many complexities of the voting process. 

    October 2020 Perspectives
  • Zooming into Sex Ed

    A psychology course on human sexuality is the largest UW class — ever. Revising the content has been a journey.

    October 2020 Perspectives
  • A Recipe for Kitchen Printmaking

    The chair of UW’s Printmaking Program designed a popular new class during the pandemic, stamping out doubt about how effective remote learning can be.

    September 2020 Perspectives
  • Mixing Politics & Friendship

    Strategists on opposites sides of the political aisle co-teach a course on political campaigns.Good thing they're close friends. 

    September 2020 Perspectives