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Encouraging Creativity in Every Student

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Encouraging Creativity in Every Student 05/01/2023

In this video, UW faculty, students, and visiting artists share how participation in the Arts & Creativity Initiative sparked new connections and ideas.. Filmed and edited by Juan Rodriguez. 

“Having some kind of experience with artistic practice should be part of the DNA of each and every student’s time at the UW, regardless of major,” says Catherine Cole, UW professor of dance and English and past divisional dean of the arts.

That thinking led the College of Arts & Sciences to launch the Arts & Creativity Initiative with a three-year, $600,000 grant from the Mellon Foundation.

As part of the initiative, faculty created interdisciplinary introductory courses open to all undergraduates but tailored to those not majoring in an arts discipline. Visiting artists came to campus and incubated new work, inviting students into their artistic process. Students in fields from engineering to philosophy to biology gained tools and skills to approach and solve challenges in any field in different ways.

In the video above, learn more from faculty and students about their experience participating in the Arts & Creativity Initiative.

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