Equity, Justice and Inclusion (EJI)

  • What the Sky Teaches Us

    Brittany Kamai, an astrophysicist with knowledge of Pacific Islanders' Indigenous navigation using the sky, is teaching a new UW course, Pacific Indigenous Astrophysics.

    April 2024 Perspectives
  • For-profit Tacoma ICE center blocks health and labor inspections

    Conditions in the immigrant detention facility have garnered over 300 complaints, but a law to increase state oversight is still tied up in court. Angelina Godoy, professor of law, societies and justice and of international studies and director of the Center for Human Rights at the UW, is quoted.
  • Mentorship for Black Professionals, Earbuds Not Included

    Identity Unboxed, a podcast created by alums Tiana Cole and Brad Blackburn III, explores the experiences of Black professionals in the Seattle area.

    February 2024 Perspectives
  • Why DK Metcalf's use of ASL means more than just talking smack

    Seahawks receiver DK Metcalf has been learning American Sign Language and has taken some of this newfound knowledge to the field, signing his celebrations after scoring. What began as a hobby has become a means of self-expression, and as Metcalf has gained attention for signing during games, he has realized it has a great significance to those who use ASL to communicate and the deaf community. The UW's Dan Mathis, assistant teaching professor of linguistics, and Kristi Winter, associate teaching professor of linguistics, are quoted.
  • Analysis: Certain states, including Arizona, have begun scrapping court costs and fees for people unable to pay — two experts on legal punishments explain why

    "In today’s American criminal legal system, courts impose fines and fees as a means to punish people and hold them accountable for legal violations," co-writes Alexes Harris, professor of sociology at the UW.
    The Conversation
  • Building a Family through Tribal Canoe Journey

    The UW participated in its first Tribal Canoe Journey, with students, faculty, staff, and alums working together as a family — the Shell House Canoe Family, č̓away̓altxʷ ʔiišəd — to make it all happen.  

    September 2023 Perspectives
  • Connecting with Native Communities

    Community and mentorship made all the difference to Sherri Berdine (2008) as an Alaska Native (Aleut & CIRI Descendent) UW student. Now she's the University's Director of Tribal Relations.

    January 2023 Perspectives
  • Smith to Lead Equity, Justice & Inclusion Efforts

    Maya Angela Smith, the College's inaugural associate dean for equity, justice and inclusion, answers questions about her new role.

    November 2022 Perspectives
  • Supporting Equity in STEM Research and Teaching

    Through PR2ISM, chemistry postdoc Tam'ra-Kay Francis and others are focused on helping STEM students persist and succeed.

    January 2021 Perspectives
  • Support to Study Race & Privilege

    With support from a Flip Wilson Scholarship, Communication major Darius Presley (BA, 2020) helped with an innovative collaboration exploring race and privilege.

    September 2020 Perspectives