• Japanese and Chinese languages lead language learning trends in WA state

    From high school to college, interest in learning a language can come from cultural obsessions, to hopes for a career in business, to fascination in personal ancestry. Kaoru Ohta, teaching professor of Asian languages and literature at the UW, is quoted.
    05/30/2024 | Northwest Asian Weekly
  • New chapter for Northwest Asian Weekly after decades of community coverage

    Assunta Ng, founder and publisher of Northwest Asian Weekly, has sold the 41-year-old newspaper to a group of Seattle-area investors. Ng, who will continue to advise the partners during the transition as publisher emeritus, said she believes the buyers share the same basic mission she started out with more than 40 years ago. “So I’m excited for them to take over and see what they can achieve,” she said.

    05/29/2024 | The Seattle Times
  • Found in translation: Letters from a multilingual island

    In Singapore’s growing microcosm of modern multiculturalism, literary translators bridge people across walks of life. These skilled story-weavers shoulder the responsibility of making our far-reaching roots accessible to readers around the world. Nazry Bahrawi, Assistant Professor of Asian Languages and Literature, is quoted.

    03/22/2024 | BBC StoryWorks
  • Chinese Characters across Asia: Continuity and transformation in Japanese, Korean, and Vietnamese

    Chinese, like the other earliest inventions of writing, emerged in complex societies, where people needed to use symbols for writing. The script started as pictures, but quickly evolved to incorporate other mechanisms capable of indicating abstract concepts and grammatical structures. When Classical (or ancient) Chinese script spread, literate people in other cultures not only mastered it, but they then used it to represent their own distinct spoken languages in written form. Zev Handel, professor and department chair of Asian languages and literature at the UW, is quoted.
    03/13/2024 | Northwest Asian Weekly
  • Analysis: What is the Japanese ‘wabi-sabi’ aesthetic actually about? ‘Miserable tea’ and loneliness, for starters

    "Wabi-sabi is typically described as a traditional Japanese aesthetic: the beauty of something perfectly imperfect, in the sense of 'flawed' or 'unfinished.' Actually, however, wabi and sabi are similar but distinct concepts, yoked together far more often outside Japan than in it," writes Paul Atkins, professor of Asian languages and literature at the UW.
    03/12/2024 | The Conversation
  • Opinion: The growth of Southeast Asian and Korean programs at the UW

    "Asian communities in Washington are changing, and our state’s century-old Asian languages department must change as well. Comparison of the U.S. 2020 Census results with the previous 2010 Census demonstrates that Asian demographics in our state and region are undergoing dramatic changes," writes Zev Handel, professor and department chair of Asian languages and literature at the UW.
    01/04/2024 | Northwest Asian Weekly
  • Endowed chair in Telugu to expand language and cultural opportunities

    “Almost 80 million people speak Telugu,” says Hanuma Kodavalla. “Not many people know its richness as a language and culture.” He and his wife recently established the Hanuma and Anuradha Kodavalla Endowed Chair in Telugu at the UW, providing an invaluable investment in the College of Arts & Sciences and Department of Asian Languages & Literature. 

    11/27/2023 | College of Arts & Sciences
  • I am First Generation: Sariah Burdett

    "My parents had always encouraged me to go to college but as an Autistic kid from the middle of nowhere, I thought I wouldn’t be able to succeed in higher education and was destined for a small-town life. It wasn’t until Mr. Sugitan, my 10th grade English teacher, pushed the class to consider college and took our class on a field trip to UW that I could see myself succeeding in a big university like UW. Thanks to his encouragement, I dedicated myself to going to a university, preferably UW." - Sariah Burdett (B.A., History, Korean, and Asian Languages & Cultures, 2022), Program Coordinator, Department of French & Italian Studies

    10/07/2023 | College of Arts & Sciences
  • We are First-Generation: College of Arts & Sciences Faculty and Staff

    In the College of Arts & Sciences, we are proud to celebrate our first-generation community through a collection of stories! We honor our faculty and staff, and their many contributions to our university community and beyond.

    10/05/2023 | College of Arts & Sciences
  • COMMENTARY: This AAPI month, let’s not forget Seattle’s ultraminorities

    Nazry Bahrawi, Assistant Professor of Southeast Asian literature and culture, inaugurates Asian Languages & Literature's quarterly column in the Northwest Asian Weekly.

    05/25/2023 | Northwest Asian Weekly
  • ArtSci Roundup: Modern Music Ensemble, Brazilian Percussion, and more

    This week, attend a Modern Music Ensemble performance, learn how creating great urban neighborhoods and environmental justice go hand in hand, witness percussionist Jeff Busch in a concert of Brazilian music, and more.   March 7, 7:30 PM | Modern Music Ensemble, Meany Hall Cristina Valdés leads the UW Modern Music Ensemble in performances of works...

    03/03/2023 | UW News
  • ArtSci Roundup: Grammy winner Morris Robinson, Washington State Poet Laureate Rena Priest, and more!

    Through public events and exhibitions, connect with the UW community every week! October 17, 1:30 PM | Guest Artist Interview – Morris Robinson, Brechemin Auditorium, School of Music Building Making his Seattle Opera debut in the role of King Marke in Tristan und Isolde, internationally acclaimed bass and recent GRAMMY winner Morris Robinson visits the...

    10/14/2022 | UW News
  • UW, a jewel of Seattle, shines in global academic ranking

    "UW professors and alumni are at the forefront of the arts, culture, philosophy and literature. They attract speakers and performers who contribute to the vibrancy of this culturally diverse community."

    08/22/2022 | Seattle Times
  • Ancient Languages, New Technology

    His knowledge of ancient languages led Andrew Glass (2006) to a specialized technology job at Microsoft. 

    January 2022 Perspectives
  • Dianne Harris named dean of UW College of Arts & Sciences

    University of Washington Provost Mark A. Richards today announced Dianne Harris will become dean of the College of Arts & Sciences, beginning Sept. 1.

    UW News