• How to bargain in foreign markets without offending locals

    Bargaining is the norm in many foreign markets, but you’ll need the right mind-set. Anu Taranath, teaching professor of English and of Comparative History of Ideas at the UW, is quoted.
    07/12/2024 | The Washington Post
  • UW announces 2024 Awards of Excellence recipients

    The UW is delighted to announce the recipients of the 54th annual University of Washington Awards of Excellence! The awards honor outstanding alumni, faculty, staff, students and retirees who contribute to the richness and diversity of our University community.

    06/15/2024 | University of Washington
  • Celebrating Contemporary Indigenous Music

    Markus Teuton, a musician and citizen of Cherokee Nation, explores contemporary Indigenous music through his academic work and as host of “Indigenous Jazz,” a radio show.

    June 2024 Perspectives
  • Getting Personal About Wilderness

    UW senior Tisbe Rinehart, a wilderness guide for UW adventures, attended a wilderness therapy program as a teen — a difficult experience she explores in her CHID senior thesis.

    June 2024 Perspectives
  • 2024 Husky 100

    The College of Arts & Sciences celebrates undergraduate and graduate students from across all four divisions, who are recognized for making the most of their time at the UW. 

    University of Washington
  • ArtSci Roundup: UW Pandemic Project Radical Listening Session, National First-Generation College Celebration, and more

    This week, attend the UW Pandemic Project’s Radical Listening Session to honor each individual’s lived pandemics experiences, head to Meany Hall for Garrick Ohlsson’s piano performance, celebrate Diwali with the Burke Museum, and more. November 7, 4:30 – 6:00pm | Sharon Stein, “The University and Its Responsibility for Repair: Confronting Colonial Foundations and Enabling Different...
    UW News
  • "Ways of Knowing" Episode 4: Environmental Humanities

    Centuries ago, writers depicted the natural world as terrifying and dangerous, no place for humans. But that fear, in the decades to come, gradually turned to appreciation, awe and joy, for poets and artists, sightseers and backpackers. This episode features Louisa Mackenzie, associate professor of Comparative History of Ideas.

    UW News
  • Ways of Knowing: Podcast featuring Faculty from the UW College of Arts & Sciences

    “Ways of Knowing” is an eight-episode podcast connecting humanities research with current events and issues. This season features faculty from across the humanities as they explore race, immigration, history, the natural world – even comic books. Each episode analyzes a work, or an idea, and provides additional resources for learning more. 

    UW News
  • I am First-Generation: Andrea Pardo

    "As a transfer student, I was in a situation where I would not have been admitted to UW Seattle as a high school applicant. I needed that additional foundation at a community college to prepare me for the University and show the UW I was capable of academic achievement. After two years at the UW, I just felt like I wasn’t 'done' — so being here, belonging and becoming a staff member means being an example and showing how the differences in a diversity of backgrounds is what strengthens our entire community here at the UW." - Andrea Pardo (B.A., Comparative History of Ideas, 2006), Graduate Program Manager for Biology

    College of Arts & Sciences
  • I am First-Generation: Jeanette M Bushnell

    "I researched what I did not find in academia. I sought out scholars already in the academy who practiced pedagogies that were aligned with my philosophy and understanding of the world.  With their work as a foundation, I have become more comfortable with the soundness of my own teaching/learning relationships and practices." - Jeanette M Bushnell (Ph.D., Women Studies, 2010; B.S.N., 1975; M.N., 1979), Faculty Instructor: Department of Comparative History of Ideas; Interdisciplinary Honors

    College of Arts & Sciences
  • We are First-Generation: College of Arts & Sciences Faculty and Staff

    In the College of Arts & Sciences, we are proud to celebrate our first-generation community through a collection of stories! We honor our faculty and staff, and their many contributions to our university community and beyond.

    10/05/2023 | College of Arts & Sciences
  • National First-Generation College Celebration

    In the College of Arts & Sciences, we are proud to support the success of first-generation students, faculty, and staff, and celebrate their many contributions to our university community.

    10/05/2023 | College of Arts & Sciences
  • I am First-Generation: Louisa Mackenzie

    "Mostly, it's just comforting to meet others who have navigated similar obstacles. In terms of professional norms, knowledge, and expectations, I feel like it's taken me a few decades to catch up with my colleagues for whom higher education, and professional identity in general, was modeled in the family. Just the mechanics of an academic career, like applying to grad school, or even knowing the difference between an MA and a PhD, were all things I had to learn as I did them." - Louisa Mackenzie, Associate Professor, Department of Comparative History of Ideas 

    College of Arts & Sciences
  • Dawg Daze Digest: Planetarium Shows, Art Tours, Trivia, Information Sessions and more!

    Kick off the Autumn quarter and celebrate a return to campus with these can’t-miss recommendations from the College of Arts & Sciences.

    09/08/2023 | College of Arts & Sciences
  • What does it mean to be a literate Black man in America?

    Max Hunter is an academic, a teacher, an activist, a father, a UW alum, and now, an author. At a recent University Book Store event, Hunter celebrated the release of his book, titled “Speech Is My Hammer: Black Male Literacy Narratives in the Age of Hip-Hop.” Read writer Chaitna Deshmukh's recap of the event and author.

    The Daily