• 5 Indigenous artists and scholars on Lily Gladstone, the Oscars and more

    Five local Native American artists and cultural workers shared their feelings about how Lily Gladstone’s Oscar nomination blazes a new path for Indigenous creatives as well as the racist tropes still targeting Native Americans in the media. Charlotte Coté, professor of American Indian studies, is interviewed.
    03/06/2024 | The Seattle Times
  • 10 key events that shaped Seattle history

    To celebrate the 25th anniversary of HistoryLink.org, Pacific NW Magazine lists 10 key events in Seattle's history. Harold Tobin, professor of Earth and space sciences, and Josh Reid, associate professor of American Indian studies at the UW, are quoted, and the founding of the UW Black Student Union is mentioned.
    02/29/2024 | The Seattle Times
  • Opinion: Hey, Kansas City: Time’s up for Native sports team names

    "Native-led organizations have fought to have the Kansas City team’s name changed for years," writes columnist Naomi Ishisaka. Iisaaksiichaa Ross Braine, teaching faculty in American Indian Studies at the UW, is quoted.
    02/13/2024 | The Seattle Times
  • How government-mandated “guardianship” enabled the Osage murders

    “Killers of the Flower Moon," the 2017 true crime book, and its new feature film adaptation, shine a light on the conspiracy to murder Osage people for their oil rights in early 1920s Oklahoma. Jean Dennison, associate professor of American Indian Studies at the UW, is interviewed.

    11/13/2023 | Marketplace
  • ArtSci Roundup: Diversity Lecture Series, Jacob Lawrence Gallery Reopening, Sacred Breath, and more.

    This week, attend the Diversity Lecture Series “Unveiling Maternal Morbidity and Mortality in the United States”, celebrate the Jacob Lawrence Gallery Reopening, listen to Indigenous storytellers at Sacred Breath, and more. November 13, 3:00 – 4:30pm | Diversity Lecture Series: “Unveiling Maternal Morbidity and Mortality in the United States: Disparities and Challenges in Women’s Health”,...
    11/08/2023 | UW News
  • Opinion: Osage's critical legacy beyond ‘Killers of The Flower Moon’

    "Killers of the Flower Moon," the Martin Scorsese movie about my people, the Osage Nation of Oklahoma, brings to life the reign of terror we lived through a century ago, as if we were back there on those busy 1920s reservation streets, rubbing elbows with our own ancestors and their murderers. It is a powerful film, vividly and heartbreakingly accurate," writes Jean Dennison, associate professor of American Indian Studies at the UW.
    10/19/2023 | Time
  • “Ways of Knowing” Episode 7: Material Culture

    Picture a series of uniform mounds of earth, each about 6-feet high. Enclosing 50 acres, the mounds form an octagon that is connected to a circle. This is The Octagon Earthworks, located in central Ohio, and it’s one of thousands of Indigenous mounds across the eastern half of North America. Chadwick Allen is a professor of English and American Indian studies at the University of Washington, and he studies Native American earthworks and cultural erasure.

    10/10/2023 | UW News
  • Dawg Daze Digest: Planetarium Shows, Art Tours, Trivia, Information Sessions and more!

    Kick off the Autumn quarter and celebrate a return to campus with these can’t-miss recommendations from the College of Arts & Sciences.

    09/08/2023 | College of Arts & Sciences
  • Building a Family through Tribal Canoe Journey

    The UW participated in its first Tribal Canoe Journey, with students, faculty, staff, and alums working together as a family — the Shell House Canoe Family, č̓away̓altxʷ ʔiišəd — to make it all happen.  

    September 2023 Perspectives
  • New faculty books: Story of oysters, Cherokee oral history, moral contradictions of religion

    Three new faculty books from the University of Washington cover wide-ranging topics: oysters, the moral contradictions of religion, and Cherokee creature names and environmental relationships.
    UW News
  • 2023 Husky 100

    The Husky 100 recognizes 100 UW undergraduate and graduate students who are making the most of their time at the UW.

    University of Washington
  • ArtSci Roundup: Faculty Concerts, Women's Liberation Movement Book Talk, Dover Quartet and more

    This week, head to Meany Hall for the Grammy-nominated Dover Quartet performance, learn about Seattle’s radical women’s liberation movement of the 60s and 70s from Barbara Winslow, celebrate Arab American Heritage Month and more.

    UW News
  • ArtSci Roundup: Behzod Abduraimov, “Manzanar, Diverted” Screening and Director talk, and more

    Start the new year with lectures, performances, and more.

    UW News
  • Connecting with Native Communities

    Community and mentorship made all the difference to Sherri Berdine (2008) as an Alaska Native (Aleut & CIRI Descendent) UW student. Now she's the University's Director of Tribal Relations.

    January 2023 Perspectives
  • Honoring American Indian and Alaska Native Heritage Month

    In honor of American Indian and Alaska Native Heritage Month, deepen your learning in American Indian studies, make connections on campus, and celebrate the work of the University of Washington Seattle's College of Arts & Sciences faculty, staff, students and alumni.

    11/14/2022 | College of Arts & Sciences