• UW, a jewel of Seattle, shines in global academic ranking

    "UW professors and alumni are at the forefront of the arts, culture, philosophy and literature. They attract speakers and performers who contribute to the vibrancy of this culturally diverse community."

    Seattle Times
  • 'Be Water, My Friend’: A close-up of the latest Bruce Lee exhibition at the Wing Luke Museum

    Bruce Lee was renowned for being many things: one of the greatest martial artists of all time, mentor, instructor, and all-star actor. He was also a devout, loving father, as well as a philosopher. Lesser known is that he was a student of the University of Washington, where he studied drama and philosophy. Beloved by our community, his legacy is now reinstated at the Wing Luke Museum in Seattle, where his personal collection of over 2,800 books and thoughtfully curated achievements will remain on permanent display for decades to come.

    The Daily
  • Andrea Woody Named Divisional Dean of the Social Sciences

    Woody, professor of philosophy, currently serves as chair of the Department of Philosophy.

  • How Zelenskyy emerged as the antithesis of Putin and proved you don’t need to be a strongman to be a great leader

    Michael Blake, professor of philosophy, discusses the leadership style of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy and his political strategy in the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

    The Conversation
  • New Huskies 2022 Arts and Sciences Events

    Admitted students and families can engage with the College of Arts and Sciences through several department and program specific events over the next few weeks.

  • America’s moral responsibility for the tragedy unfolding in Afghanistan

    Without the ongoing prospect of U.S. military support, the Washington-backed Afghan government quickly fell - and on Aug. 15, 2021, the Taliban declared the creation of a new political order, the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, writes Michael Blake, professor of philosophy and of public policy and governance at the UW.

    The Conversation
  • Analysis: Why the US won't be able to shirk moral responsibility in leaving Afghanistan

    "The present regime in Afghanistan is unstable, and some experts estimate it may collapse within the year. If it does so, the resulting power gap would likely be filled by the Taliban, whose history of human rights abuses include violence against women and children. There are significant moral costs at stake in either remaining in or withdrawing from Afghanistan," writes Michael Blake, professor of philosophy and of public policy and governance at the UW.

    The Conversation
  • Dianne Harris named dean of UW College of Arts & Sciences

    University of Washington Provost Mark A. Richards today announced Dianne Harris will become dean of the College of Arts & Sciences, beginning Sept. 1.

    UW News
  • Announcing Winners of the “Why do we need philosophy now?” Video Contest

    The Department of Philosophy's “Why do we need philosophy now?” video contest has concluded, with the first place prize going to College of Arts and Sciences junior Camille Miller.

    Department of Philosophy
  • Husky 100

    The 2021 Husky 100, a group of 100 students making the most of their time at the UW, have been announced.

    University of Washington
  • Bridging the Distance

    UW Professors discuss their innovative adaptations to the challenges that remote learning has presented this past year.

    University of Washington
  • The Movement to Protect Your Mind From Brain-Computer Technologies

    Recording memories, reading thoughts and manipulating what another person sees through a device in their brain may seem like science fiction plots about a distant and troubled future. But a team of multi-disciplinary researchers say the first steps to inventing these technologies have already arrived. They want to put in place safeguards for our most precious biological possessions: our mind. Sara Goering, professor of philosophy at the UW, is quoted.

  • Robotics Can Give People 3rd Thumb, But How Will Brain React?

    If you've ever wished you had an extra hand to accomplish a task, never fear, scientists are working on that. But a new study raises questions about how such technology could affect your brain. Dr. Eran Klein, affiliate assistant professor of philosophy at the UW, is quoted.

    Health Day
  • A Network of Two

    HBO Max’s sci-fi series "Made for Love" reveals the dangers of a controversial new technology. Sara Goering, professor of philosophy at the UW, is quoted.

  • Celebrating Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month

    A collection of work by Arts & Sciences faculty, students, alumni and friends related to Asian American and Pacific Islander history, heritage and culture.