Study Abroad

  • For UW Athletes, A Roman Adventure

    Husky football players and other UW athletes explored Rome through a ten-day study abroad program led by Classics Professor Jim Clauss. 

    August 2023 Perspectives
  • International field course held in Indonesia and led by UW professor ends after 30 years

    Randall Kyes established the International Field Study Program-Indonesia at the UW. The month-long study abroad program provided field-based educational and research opportunities for students from the UW, Indonesia and other participating countries.

    UW News
  • A memoir of Prague

    Study abroad programs are back, and with them comes the opportunity to become studious explorers in a new location. To see what adventures might await you on your own trip, join photographer Claire McCreery as she walks us through her time in the Czech Republic with the Comparative History of Ideas program, "History, Memory, and Human Rights in Central Europe.”

    The Daily
  • Rome the Roller Coaster

    Communication major Jean Wong shares the ups and downs of her UW study abroad experience in Rome. 

    April 2022 Perspectives
  • 26 Best Travel Books That Will Take You All Around the World

    Department of English faculty member Anu Taranath's book "Beyond Guilt Trip" is featured in O Magazine's best travel books of all time. 

    The Oprah Magazine
  • Mindful Travel in an Unequal World

    In her book Beyond Guilt Trips, principal lecturer Anu Taranath discusses how travelers can respectfully explore other cultures.

    August 2019 Perspectives
  • For Love of Stories

    Grecia Leal Pardo (BA, 2019) celebrates stories and storytelling. 

    June 2019 Perspectives
  • Going beyond guilt trips

    KUOW interviews Anu Taranath, faculty member in English and Comparative History of Ideas departments, about her new book called Beyond Guilt Trips: Mindful Travel in an Unequal World.

  • 5 Things to Know about Study Abroad

    Wondering if study abroad is for you? Here are things to keep in mind. 

    01/14/2019 | College of Arts & Sciences
  • Challenging the Mind & Body

    Kyki Li came to the UW from China for the freedom to explore. It was everything she'd hoped for.

    June 2018 Perspectives
  • LGBTQ Program Crosses Borders

    During a summer study abroad, students explored LGBTQ issues in the U.S. and Mexico.

    September 2017 Perspectives
  • Reaching for the Stars — and Exoplanets

    Lupita Tovar never expected to go to a four-year college. Now she's a UW graduate pursuing a PhD in astronomy and astrophysics.

    June 2017 Perspectives
  • Embracing the World, One Language at a Time

    For Martin Horst, with majors in French and linguistics, language is a bridge to other cultures.

    June 2017 Perspectives
  • UW works to contact its students in Turkey amid attempted coup

    Amid the attempted military coup in Turkey, the UW has confirmed the safety of one of three students in the area. Resat Kasaba, director of the UW’s Jackson School of International Studies, is quoted.
    The Seattle Times
  • UW works to contact its students in Turkey amid attempted coup

    As tanks and protesters flood the streets of Istanbul and Ankara, the University of Washington is attempting to reach three students and one faculty member in the country.
    The Seattle Times